Gail Clayton, R.Ph., M.S., CNS  is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and a Registered Pharmacist with 25 years clinical experience. She holds a Masters Degree in Functional Clinical Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and is currently earning a Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health.  Gail has received expert training in functional test interpretation such as Genova’s OAT, ONE, ION and NutrEval and offers functional test interpretation to her clients as well as other health care practitioners.


Gail has developed a unique approach of finding the “focal point” for genes that are expressing a genetic mutation by combining the use of functional testing and by using the Livewello app for 23andMe DNA results.  In addition, she is able to take this information and formulate a cohesive plan of action to address epigenetic and nutrigenomic expressions. Her graduate work was heavily centered on the effect of optimal nutritional support on the body’s intricate biochemical pathways. She has also received training in methylation at Bastyr University by Dr. Ben Lynch, and has extensively studied the works of Dr. Amy Yasko.


Gail  has transitioned from working as a Clinical Pharmacist in a hospital to opening up her own successful private nutrition practice. She has an active blog with thousands of followers. She enjoys educating her followers in nutrition and functional medicine and offers remote consults globally.


In Gail’s pharmaceutical experience, she successfully orchestrated the start-up of the home infusion division at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital in the Texas Medical Center. She also wrote the policy and procedure manual for the division, trained RNs, delivery personnel, and her staff. Gail was able to achieve Joint Commission Accreditation within the first year of operation, receiving the highest score ever for a home infusion company.


Gail has also been involved in product formulation and has successfully developed and commercialized her own product called Immunothrive, which was specifically designed to support a healthy immune system for individuals with food intolerance, histamine intolerance, and mast cell dysfunction.


Gail’s mission is to help patients recover their health naturally by rebalancing their core systems through nutrition so that their bodies have the tools needed to heal themselves. She is very passionate about working with individuals suffering from food, chemical, and mold sensitivities, including histamine intolerances, as well as autoimmune disease. She uses functional nutrient testing to identify the root causes of a health problem and then addresses the biochemical imbalances using diet and lifestyle factors. This may include removing offending foods, drugs and toxins, restoring depleted nutrients with whole foods and supplements, and rebalancing the system with adequate sleep, hydration, stress reduction, and herbal medicines. She particularly focuses on mitochondrial dysfunction and detoxification.


Affiliation: Member of the American College of Nutrition