Click HERE to book your 15 minute DISCOVERY SESSION with me! During this session, we will discuss working together and how I might help you achieve your health goals!

Please be sure to watch these videos to see how I find the focal point of a health issue:


Once we have decided to work together, and I have received your completed intake form, lab results,  and any other information that you wish for me to review we will schedule our appointment. During our session, we will review your information including your functional test results. As we go through your information, I will be formulating an action plan to address the top issues as they are related to the root causes of your health concerns to give immediate relief first. If we are conducting a video session, I can screen share with you so that you can see what I am looking at on your tests. I will then make a short summary write up that includes a personalize plan for you.

During this consult I will also log on to my online dispensary, Full Script to select products that I recommend. You will receive an email to join my Full Script online dispensary. I think you will find the prices very competitive with other sources.

You can open your account with Full Script prior to making an appointment with me by clicking here: