What is an alkaline Diet? A review of The pH Miracle Diet book by Dr. Young

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By: Gail Clayton, R.Ph. Background of Author ┬áThe pH Miracle was written by Dr. Robert Young, PhD and Shelley Young. Dr. Robert Young is highly educated with degrees in nutrition, microbiology, and naturopathic medicine and is a world-renown researcher in diabetes, cancer, leukemia, and AIDS.1(4-5-406) Dr. Young has spent a lifetime looking into the causes […]

Functional Medicine Approach to Chronic Illness

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I have been working in the Western Medicine field for the past 25 years. During my formal training as a Pharmacist, I remember hearing the mantra We don’t know what causes this illness, but we know how to treat it. It became ingrained in my mind to focus on “the treatment” while the causes of […]



Testing performed on fecal matter can provide useful information concerning colon health as well as providing information on pancreatic functioning, absorption, and digestion all along the intestinal pathway. The short chain fatty acid(SCFA), n-butyrate, is absorbed easily from the colon and serve as a pool of energy for the colonic cells.1(451) The bacteria in the […]

Are you being poisoned by the Fluoride in your water?


Fluoride is considered a non-essential trace mineral, meaning there is no biological need for this mineral.1 It plays a possible physiological role in the maintenance of teeth and bone structure and is found in foods sources such as fish, meat, legumes, grains, and drinking water.1 The amount in fluoride in food is low and most […]

Is Vitamin E supplementation beneficial?


There is much controversy about the role of Vitamin E in the prevention or treatment of disease. Perhaps the most important function of Vitamin E is its action as an anti-oxidant in preventing peroxidation of fatty acids in the phospholipids in cell membranes.1 However, it has other important functions such as quenching singlet oxygen molecules […]