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Beyond Phamaceuticals
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by Taube Becker on Beyond Phamaceuticals
So knowledgeable !

I've been following Gail since the end of 2015 and finally decided it's time to get a NutrEval ! It makes so much sense. It's science based. No more guessing at which supplements I need. Gail is knowledgeable, super smart and right ON it. I found my answers ! I feel much calmer, I sleep better and I have a clearer mind. I highly recommend Gail !

by Lori S on Beyond Phamaceuticals
Grateful to Gail

After decades of trying to solve my health issues, countless doctors, naturopaths, specialists, etc , I found Gail! She has truly been a life-saver. I feel like the pieces of the health puzzle are finally all falling into place. Her consultation and recommendations were educational and helpful! I am sleeping for the first time in months and months and I am able to eat foods I haven't been able to eat in a long time. I will continue to work with Gail. I am so grateful to have found her. She is a wonderful resource and does an amazing job at explaining the why behind it all. Thank you! Lori

by Marcy on Beyond Phamaceuticals
12 stars, not five

Gail is a literal lifesaver. Not only is she one of the smartest people I've ever met, but she also cares more than most practitioners I've met. A combo I rarely see.
I am a tough case. I've been dealing with illness for over 10 years. I did the circuit of the regular doctors, did all the testing at Mayo Clinic. Met all the top docs, and they couldn't figure out what to do.Then I started with holistic. Went to the top holistic clinic in the U.S. Got some success. But when my health absolutely tanked over a year ago, I was in very big danger. Went back to the clinic with no help. Then tried another, more obscure place that was supposed to have one of the top iv guys there. Got worse.
Talked with a top CBD oil guy, only hallucinated on that. I was getting terrified. Not getting, I was terrified.
BEfore I met Gail I had been at the point of seizing all day every day for the most part. Some self directed nutrition had cut them a bit, but still every day, so much seizing. I couldn't sit up or move much. i was completely stuck laying in bed. No tv watching, couldn't take the sound. A little facebooking, barely. It was boring and so painful. and scary.

Then I met Gail. She sounded so smart in the mthfr group, so I wrote her. I was reluctant, cuz I'd been burned a lot and everything made things worse. So I told her that. And we went very, very slow. So slow, no one else had been willing to take it that slow with me.

She did my bloodwork and everything and found a potential culprit and within a believe a few weeks, I watched my first tv show again. This was huge for someone who had spent a lot of time sitting and staring. Then a little after that, I sat up again. For the first time in probably a year. And I sat up more and more and more after that.

Today, I walked to the bathroom for the first time in over a year. That's huge!!! Mega big time. And my seizures are near gone compared to what they were before. Not everyday anymore. That is living. That is amazing. It took some trial and error with a few things, but she went there with me. We found some solutions. And the progress is there.

I owe so much to Gail. She is a lifesaver. She is the real deal. And I recommend her to anyone.

by Jessica Will on Beyond Phamaceuticals

Gail has helped me tremendously! I am out of pain and have a good functioning system that was evident on a restest! Very grateful for her help I had been to many docs before her and no one has helped me like she has.

by Glenda Besetzny on Beyond Phamaceuticals
Happy Bloodwork Results

I had my first bloodwork last week after beginning Gails protocol for me in December. My functional medicine Doctor is overjoyed at the results, as am I! I'm a person who keeps digging until I get answers. Thank you in triplicate, Gail Clayton! 😀

by Temper Gregory on Beyond Phamaceuticals
Always helpful and caring

I have been sick for a while and trying to get to the bottom of it on my own. This has proven almost difficult if not almost impossible for me to navigate so I decided to do an Optimal Nutrition Evaluation test with Gail since she has been such a great help to me and many others I know. Before the test I had been having low energy, digestive issues and a mysterious scalp burning that was just horrid. I had tests like this in the past but the reccomendations were sometimes confusing, expensive and hard to follow. Gail laid out a very easy to follow action plan and reccomended several targeted amino acids and B vitamins that I was low in that I layered in over a period of a few weeks. From the first dose I actually noticed an increase in energy and an immediate reduction in my scalp burning. I am still early in my treatment and had to quit my supplements just temporarily for other reasons, but she absolutely was able to target the deficiencies in my body rather easily. I highly reccomend working with Gail if your trying to get to the root of your health conditions.

by Debbie Hutchinson on Beyond Phamaceuticals
Rising Super Star in the World of Functional Medicine

Gail Clayton RPh facilitated a webinar a few weeks ago called "amino acids and neurotransmitters." I've been meaning to post here about my experience. But first, I'm a student along with Gail, both obtaining our masters in human nutrition. I asked Gail if I could sit in on the webinar, because truthfully, I've learned so much from being in class with Gail over the last two+ years I didn't want to miss the opportunity to continue to learn from her. She is extremely knowledgeable, but I'm sure you all already know this.

Gail did an outstanding job!!! She hit on all key points of how Aminos work to help our whole system to function optimally and how the body/brain can malfunction if there is an imbalance of Aminos. Gail is a rising star in the functional medicine world and I believe we are going to see a tremendous growth in her business.

The things I love about Gail is she is a warm and caring person; this trait came through in her delivery in the webinar presentation too. With our health care getting more and more complicated and with more and more people being over medicated I highly recommend jumping on every opportunity you can to learn from her knowledge. There's so much incredible alternative possibilities to help us recover and prevent diseases that's available, but sadly, traditionally, this incredible information is not being provided through modern medicine.
The alternative knowledge Gail posses is slowly becoming the norm, however there's still a lot of transitioning to this way of thinking in modern medicine. So, for all of us here; her knowledge is the tipping point opportunity for each one of us to not only change direction with our own health, but to completely redirect the course of the health of the next generation. #learnallyoucan #beyondpharmacuticals

by Glenda Besetzny on Beyond Phamaceuticals
Awesome Gail!

Gail's protocol for me has obviously begun to open up my neurotransmitter pathways and is healing my gut, not to mention all else. I always knew I was inflamed and not "fat". I feel better than I have in many years! Hats off to you, Gail!

by Carlie Sparks on Beyond Phamaceuticals

I cannot thank Gail enough for her work to make me feel better. After working with Gail for 3 weeks, I have seen incredible improvements in my health. Gail is knowledgable, responsive and caring. I feel so fortunate to be working with her!

by Vicki O on Beyond Phamaceuticals
I'm back to my old self!

A couple of years ago I began dealing with chronic fatigue, inability to sleep, depression and panic attacks, inability to focus for reading, memory issues, etc. Typically a very high-energy person, I was at my wit’s end trying to get help. My Internal Medicine doctor, Nguyen Phan, who is wonderful in that he thinks outside the box, recommended that I have testing for MTHFR done and that I find a health practitioner who interprets the genetic testing and offers treatment. I was very fortunate to find Gail, as the other option for me at the time was to travel 2 hours away for help. Gail initially recommended lab testing that was to look at all possibilities, but because I had to pay for my labs out of pocket, we settled on the OATS testing, which revealed a lot of issues. I followed her recommendations and began to feel a little better, but wasn’t quite where I wanted to be, so she recommended I do the ONE test. Ultimately, I ended up doing the GI Effects test as well. By the time we got through all the lab tests and I had followed Gail’s dietary and supplement recommendations, I was finally feeling better than I have in years. I am on no medications other than thyroid meds, my energy is back, the depression and panic attacks are gone, I am sleeping again, I can focus, and my hair is no longer falling out. I can’t say “thank you” enough to Dr. Phan for pointing me in this direction, and to Gail for the solutions she provided to resolve my health issues.

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