New clients – please send me a message via the contact section to inquire for rates.

My specialty is analyzing the biochemistry of the metabolic pathways. I rely heavily on functional tests by Genova Diagnostics to help me pinpoint areas of metabolism that may be contributing to your health issues. I can order these labs if needed.

I may also use genetic data typically from 23andMe, although it is not necessary, especially on an initial visit. If I identify problem areas on the functional tests that indicate that there may be a deficiency in an enzyme from patterns that I see on the test, then I may recommend genetic testing. If you have already done 23andMe testing, then please upload to as that is the only app that I work with because it allows me to design templates for specific enzymes that I’m interested in. You will have to give me your login and password. Please do not print out the variance report to give to me as I’m not interested in looking at SNPs from those reports. Please note that I do not do SNP interpretations! I think it’s a waste of my time and your money, as no one is ever really helped by that method. We only want to find the ONE SNP that is causing a problem, not throw a bunch of supplements at what we see from those reports.

I may make diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations and also talk about environmental exposures, triggers, etc. during our appointment. I can record the session so that you can listen later and take more extensive notes, especially when we are reviewing test results. I have the ability to do a “screen share” so that as we talk about the test results the screen will be in the recording as well as a reference.

Please bring a copy of any previous test results with you. These will remain in my files, so please make copies of them for me so that I can keep them. Please bring only recent lab tests done within the last 3 months. However, if you have done a functional lab within the past year by another practitioner you can bring that so that we can compare any improvements with newer tests.

LOCATION: The times that may be a best fit for you to see me in person is on Friday or Saturday mornings. If that is not a good time then I am flexible depending on the availability of the shared office space. The office is located in the office warehouse space at the back of the parking lot. Turn in at by “I Burn” just east of the railroad tracks on Bellaire Blvd.


A Healing Collective

4231 Bellaire Blvd., Suite T

Houston TX 77025

Please note that A Healing Collective has a fragrance-free and shoe-free policy. Please do not wear perfumes or colognes to our appointment. You can remove your shoes in the lobby. I will have slippers if you would like to use them, or you can just go barefoot on the carpet or bring your own slippers or socks.


Please arrive a few minutes early so that we can begin on time. There is not a receptionist and most likely I will be the only one there on the weekends.  Prior to our appointment I will give you a 4 digit code to enter the door. Please wait in the front area, until I come to get you as I may be with another client in the back room.

Sometimes on weekends there may be another practitioner seeing clients or perhaps a seminar in the classroom.


I offer a discounted rate for children on the spectrum.

My fee is hourly at $250/hr.

Any appointment that we need to review test results will most likely take 90 minutes.

Any time after 60 minutes will be billed $200/hr or $35 billed in 10 minute intervals.


Follow up appointments are:

60 minutes = $200

30 minutes = $150


REMOTE CLIENTS: I do offer remote consults if you live far or for some reason you cannot meet in person, or you prefer to do an online meeting then I can schedule that as well. Same rates apply.

I accept most credit cards or checks or cash. Payment is due at the time of the appointment. I do not accept insurance and my services are not reimbursable for insurance. However, many HSA accounts will cover my consults. I can give you a bill to submit to your HSA. Also, my consults may count towards your health expenses that you can write off on your taxes.


  • —Payments for phone consults are due in advance.
  • —Once your test results have been released by the lab we will contact you to set up a timeline for result interpretation.
  • —I accept most credit cards and will ask for credit card information from you before we begin our consult. I will then record the start time of the consult. A 3% PayPal fee will be added to the total if you prefer to pay via PayPal, and it will need to be paid in advance of the consult.
  • —Please note that I do not do SNP interpretation in isolation. I only evaluate genetic mutations that I suspect may be expressing due to strange patterns on the functional testing. Only those SNPs will be mentioned and addressed during our session.
  • I only order testing for clients that intend on consulting with me over the results. If you do not follow up with me for a consult then you will be billing for a one hour consult.